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Where Did I Come From?

A Guide for Parents on Science, Evolution, Human Origins, and the Christian Faith (2018)

James Bradley Miller

Born with a Bang

The Universe Tells

Our Cosmic Story


From Lava to Life

The Universe Tells

Our Earth Story


Written by

Jennifer Morgan

Illustrated by

Dana Lynn Andersen

Mammals Who Morph

The Universe Tells

Our Evolutionary Story


When Science Meets Religion

Enemies, Strangers or Partners (2000)

Ian G. Barbour

Galileo Goes to Jail

and Other Myths about Science and Religion (2010)

Ronald L. Numbers


Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith  is the journal of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).  Click HERE for more information about Perspectives.  Click HERE for more information about ASA. 

Covalence is the on-line newsletter of the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology (LAFST).  Click HERE for more information about Covalence.  Click HERE for more information about LAFST.

SciTech+ is the journal of the Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and he Christian Faith (PASTCF).  Click HERE for more information about SciTech+.  Click HERE for more information about PASTCF.

Theology and Science is the journal of the Center for Theology and the Christian Faith (CTNS).  Click HERE for more information about Theology and Science.  Click HERE for more information about CTNS.

Zygon:  The Journal of Religion and Science is the publication of the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS).  Click HERE for more information about Zygon.  Click HERE for more information about IRAS.

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