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Where Did I Come From?

A Guide for Parents on Science, Evolution, Human Origins, and the Christian Faith

As adults, we often ignore complicated questions that might disrupt our understanding of life. Children, on the other hand, "ask the darnedest things." Often, today, these questions can be at the intersection of science and religion.

Written as an easy to follow resource this biblically used guide combines science, history, and theology to equip parents with the background they need to respond to children's questions and to show children how to seek an integral understanding of life. 


“Teachers, preachers, and parents who are interested in deepening the faith of young people today—and in enriching their own—will find this book enormously helpful.  Informed throughout by a theologically sophisticated Christian vision of creation, James Miller’s careful work shows how modern and contemporary scientific understanding, including evolutionary biology, may leave us with a deeper appreciation of divine love and power than we may have ever had before. Strongly recommended.”  (John F Haught, author of God after Darwin and The New Cosmic Story)


“This long-needed book about human origins is a godsend for both parents and children.  In accessible, non-technical prose Dr. James Miller lays out the compelling scientific evidence for human evolution while maintaining an exemplary sensitivity to the religious issue involved.”  (Ronald Numbers, author of The Creationists and editor of When Science and Christianity Meet)


Where Did I Come From? invites all Christians to deepen their beliefs in dialogue with science. Miller’s insights and questions are well designed to draw families together for thoughtful, informed, and intentional conversations about Christianity, biblical wisdom, and science. Ostensibly written to guide parents (and grandparents) through challenging conversations with children, who are eager and inquiring, the book simultaneously guides adults in their own growth in expression of beliefs about God, humans, and nature.”

(Nancy Howell, author of A Feminist Cosmology: Ecology, Solidarity, and Metaphysics)

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