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These richly illustrated books tell the evolutionary story of the universe from the Big Bank through the evolution of Homo sapiens.  Written in the first person, as though the universe was telling its own story, the well scientifically grounded account has a personal element that can engage children of all ages.  The writing is such that it can be effectively read to or with children from age four through age eight.  Parents or teachers reading to or with children will also benefit from the narrative, which provides an excellent presentation of what science has discovered about the origin and evolutionary development of the universe, the earth, life and humans.  The end of each book contains more information that can add depth to the earlier narrative.

Author Jennifer Morgan is a storyteller, author, educator and environmental advocate.  Her storytelling evolved from bedtime stories for her son who wanted to know more and more about the universe.  She holds a degree in theology from the University of San Francisco. In the preparation of these volumes she studied science courses at Princeton University and worked with cosmologists, biologists, and anthropologists.

Illustrator Dana Lynn Andersen a multi-media artist, writer and teacher with degrees in philosophy and consciousness studies.  She is the founder of Awakening Arts Institute, which nurtures a global network of artists through retreats, traveling workshops, exhibitions, and a small fine arts press.


Of Born With a Bang Edgar Mitchell, astronaut on Apollo 14, wrote, "When returning from the Moon, I experienced directly and emotionally the personal connection to the Universe described by Jennifer Morgan."

Of From Lava to Life Bill McKibben, American environmentalist and the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, wrote, "The story of life is, quite simply, the greatest story ever told. It should fascinate us our whole lives long – and here is the perfect first telling."

Of Mammals Who Morph primatologist Jane Goodall wrote,  "...mammalian evolution told in a way that will engage and enchant, as well as educate, children and adults alike."

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